Skype releases 5.0 with huge Facebook integration

14 Oct 2010

Skype has launched version 5.0 for Windows, which includes deep Facebook integration that lets users text, chat or call Facebook friends from Skype directly from the News Feed.

The fusion of services wasrumoured a few weeks ago and Skype 5.0 sees the realisation of this partnership.

On logging in through Facebook Connect, users can see their Facebook News Feed with the Skype interface.

They can post status updates that can be synced with their Skype mood message and comment and like friends’ updates and posts.

Skype 5.0 also allows for users to call and text Facebook friends on their mobile phones and landlines from Skype.

Users can also make free Skype-to-Skype calls if their Facebook friend is also a Skype contact.

Skype is also giving users a free trial of 10-way video-calling  and automatic call recovery, for when calls are interrupted through issues with Internet connections.

Skype has also a brand new user interface and a home dashboard which includes a feed of mood messages from contacts and tutorials on Skype.