SMEs wary of online backup due to security

7 Mar 2007

The number one concern for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) considering online backup is security and as a result less than 10pc of Irish SMEs are planning to invest in online backup in 2007, broadband player Magnet said today quoting research from iReach.

Magnet has unveiled a new data backup service that does not result in vital information being transported over the internet in the event of a disaster.

Instead, recovery of information under the business Online Backup service will occur over Magnet’s own private network.

Magnet sales and marketing director Donal Hanrahan explained: “Feedback from our own customers correlates with the iReach survey and reveals that despite 128bit encryption, as standard, SMEs are reluctant to avail of online backup services.

Hanrahan said businesses are uncomfortable with confidential information being transported across the public internet. “We’ve responded to this and are guaranteeing end-to-end security by using Magnet’s own private network as the transport vehicle.

“For customers utilising Magnet’s broadband connection, information never passes over the public internet, ensuring that business-critical information can never be compromised.”

Hanrahan added: “We’ve all seen the panic that grabs hold of businesses when computers go down for only a few minutes or hours when there is a power cut or another temporary interruption.

“When this is more catastrophic and there is permanent data loss as a result of a virus, fire, theft or human error the business can be virtually paralysed. Anyone who has been through this will tell you that prevention is much better than cure and an effective and secure backup system is the only vaccine,” Hanrahan said.

By John Kennedy