SMS is still a good fit for cost-conscious marketeers

12 Apr 2010

The instantaneous reach of SMS messaging is still an ideal fit for marketeers and IT managers with reduced budgets, says Cork-based Neon SMS Solutions which is adding Twitter and Facebook functionality to the medium.

According to ComReg, the total number of SMS messages sent by mobile users in Ireland was more than 3 billion in Q4 2009, up 10.5pc since Q4 2008. 

An average of 193 SMS messages was sent per subscription per month in Q4 2009.

“The technology is instant and our service provides fast and reliable reports of all sent and received messages,” said Paul Casey, operations director at Neon SMS.

“We’ve seen a 50pc increase in our client base in the last year because we believe in the current, cost-conscious environment, SMS is an ideal fit for marketeers and IT managers with reduced budgets and we are ideally placed to serve those customers,” he said.

About Neon SMS

Neon SMS Solutions, a leading provider of flexible and cost-effective text messaging services for public and private enterprises, has unveiled a modern, innovative, brand identity and launched a more intuitive, user friendly website to help the company interact with its current and potential customer base more effectively.

Neon SMS helps businesses to connect with their customers through mobile messaging. The company, which has been growing rapidly, has a broad range of clients, from financial institutions and corporates, to government and non-profit organisations.   

Margaret Walsh, sales and marketing manager at Neon SMS, said the new website was designed to be SEO optimised and added links, such as Twitter and Facebook, reflecting the growing popularity of social networking for businesses in Ireland.

“Our modern, dynamic website, with its fresh new look and improved user functionality, has been designed in response to customer feedback and we see it as an important communications channel to build brand awareness and drive business for the company,” said Walsh. 

“We are offering new clients a 30-day free trial of the service,” she said.

Forrester Research has shown that text messaging is one of the most responsive marketing communications mediums, with more than five times better response rates than direct marketing. 

“Text messaging is a low cost and user friendly way to communicate with a company’s target market,” Casey said.

“Because our service can be accessed through a simplified web account or easily integrated with a company’s existing systems at no extra charge, there are significant improvements in efficiency and lower communication costs with suppliers, staff and clients,” she said. 

By John Kennedy

Photo: (From right to left)  Paul Casey, operations director, Neon SMS; Rob Norton, technical director, NeonSMS; Ray Kenny, CEO, Bishopstown Credit Union; and Brian Dennehy, branch manager, Bishopstown Credit Union

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years