Software giant in fibre deal with E-net

4 Sep 2009

Fortune 500 software player Unum has struck a deal with the Government’s Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) provider E-net to get direct 20Mbps fibre access to the Carlow MAN.

Unum, which is currently in growth phase, employs 50 people at its software support centre in Carlow.

A world-class support centre, Unum Ireland develops cutting-edge software solutions for internal customers within Unum US. Established in February 2008, it currently has nearly 50 employees and continues to grow.

The employee-benefits multinational has a direct fibre optic 20 Mb/s connection to the E-net managed MAN network which is connected to PacketExchange’s global private layer-2 MPLS/VPLS network to offer a fast, secure, reliable and cost-effective alternative to the public Internet backbone.

“This connection demonstrates e|net’s ambition to stimulate the rollout of advanced technologies to businesses all over Ireland,” said Conal Henry, chief executive of E-net.

“Unum will be benefiting from the best available technology that knowledge based businesses now require.”

Connection to the MAN allows for superior high-speed voice, data and video communications.

“One of our major objectives is to dramatically reduce the digital divide. Unum’s connection to the MAN highlights the services and costs that are now available in MAN-enabled towns. Simply put, these towns can now compete with Dublin as well as other major cities around the world,” Henry said.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years