Sony brings high-def conferencing to Ireland

22 Apr 2008

One of the most oft-stated drawbacks of videoconferencing that deters businesses from investing in this technology is the lack of picture quality, but the introduction of high-definition (HD), live video is set to change this.

Sony has today introduced the first 1080i HD videoconferencing system to Dublin with the Sony PCS-XG80: a combination of HD picture quality and a refresh rate of 60 frames per second.

The PCS-XG80 is backwards-compatible so businesses can use it with either HD video and broadband connections or older, standard-definition systems already in use on IP or ISDN connections.

This HD conferencing service also has BrightFaceTM, Video Annotation and RF Remote functionality, which Sony says is an industry first.

Paul Hennessy, director of media and professional for Sony Ireland and UK, said, “We have drawn on more than 25 years of HD leadership in the broadcast industry to design a HD videoconferencing solution that is affordable and flexible, yet delivers an unparalleled user experience.”

Hennessy said the new PCS-XG80 was the best available videoconferencing product currently on the market for both SMEs and large corporations, in terms of both audio and
video quality.

“We have also designed it to offer an unrivalled collaborative environment, where people can engage face-to-face, without incurring the financial, environmental and human costs of what is essentially unnecessary travel in today’s global business environment.”

By Marie Boran