Sony Ericsson readies its own App Store

25 Jun 2009

The iPhone has the App Store, Android devices have Android Market, Nokia handsets have the Ovi Store and then of course there is BlackBerry World and apps for the Palm Pre. Sony Ericsson is the latest to the mobile applications market with its PlayNow arena.

Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow arena already has downloadable games, songs, ringtones and wallpapers for its handsets, but with the imminent arrival of its version of the App Store, we will most likely be seeing messaging, social networking and productivity apps flowing in.

The handset company is inviting third-party developers to create and submit applications for sale, so as to offer consumers a fully integrated content marketplace for all Sony Ericsson phones.

Application submissions will be accepted from 1 July 2009, but initially Sony Ericsson will only be accepting Java ME and Symbian OS apps, while planning to open up to additional platforms later in the year.

“We recognise that it needs to be simple and attractive for developers to reach consumers, and that there need to be established content channels to push creative applications,” said Christopher David, head of developer and partner engagement at Sony Ericsson.

“Our new application submission process gives developers easy-to-use access to the Sony Ericsson PlayNow arena market place.”

Sony Ericsson has stated that it will be collaborating with independent app store GetJar in order to offer as wide a range of applications as possible.

GetJar currently has hundreds of free Java and Symbian-based mobile apps for handsets ranging across Sony Ericsson to the BlackBerry, Palm, HTC and Samsung.

By Marie Boran