Spammers hack Twitter accounts to spread ads

25 May 2009

Spammers have hacked into hundreds of users’ accounts on micro-blogging platform Twitter to spread advertising.

According to Graham Cluley of Sophos security labs, victims of the latest Twitter attack are noticing their account is sending Acai Berry spam.

If you click on the link in the tweet, you are directed to a website with a .cn top level domain.

Cluley said it is not clear how these accounts have been hacked, but has urged Twitter users to be more careful with their passwords.

“If your account on Twitter has been compromised, make sure you change your password to a non-dictionary word – and be sure to also change any other online accounts where you might be using the same password,” Cluley said.

“Far too many people use the same passwords on multiple sites, which obviously increases your chances of being hacked,” he added.

By John Kennedy