Tango Telecom tackles Asia while its tech serves 450m globally

14 Mar 2012

Irish telecoms software player Tango Telecom, which has just signed a major deal with an unnamed major mobile operator in Asia, is now helping mobile operators worldwide serve 450m users.

The company’s technology allows operators to implement policy control, real-time charging and advanced messaging solutions.

Tango was recently awarded a prestigious Global Mobile Award 2011 for the implementation of its iAX Dynamic Pricing Service.  

Tango Telecom partners with operators such as America Movil, Telefa O2, Vodafone, Indosat, Zain Group, and Airtel Africa to bring enhanced services to more than 450m subscribers worldwide.

Tango’s deal with the Asian operator will allow it to deploy its advanced Policy Controller technology, providing a user friendly advanced data charging solution for the operator’s rapidly growing subscriber base.

The Tango Telecom solution will enable the operator’s subscribers to benefit from highly innovative plans and promotions, such as tiered service level packages, roaming controls to prevent bill shock, volume and time-based quotas, pay-per-use packages and dynamic on-demand self-care options.

“As operators’ requirements move beyond basic first-generation policy management, Tango Telecom’s Policy Controller is ideally suited to quickly evolve and scale with rapidly changing operator and subscriber needs,” Dr Colm Ward, CEO of Tango Telecom, explained.  

“Since 2003, Tango Telecom has been a leader in the real-time data charging market. Today, our Policy and Charging Control portfolio ensures operators are ready to capitalise on the next wave of data services growth. Cost effective, easy to install and maintain and highly scalable, our Policy and Charging Control solution will maximise their return from their subscribers’ current and future demands for mobile data and mobile broadband services.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years