Taoglas reveals new 5G beam-steering technology

26 Feb 2019

Image: © ktsdesign/Stock.adobe.com

The key to the 5G future is having applications that work.

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Wexford-headquartered internet of things (IoT) player Taoglas has revealed a new 5G millimetre-wave beam-steering gateway antenna.

As well as MWC, the technology is also being unveiled at the Embedded World event in Nuremberg, Germany.

‘Beam steering is critical to 5G’

When advanced technologies such as beam steering come into play, it brings a new level of reliability, low-latency and high-speed transmission to point-of-sale applications, HD video downloads and more.

Mobile network operators worldwide have begun the build-out of 5G networks to keep pace with demand for high-throughput, low-latency connectivity for both enterprise and consumer use cases, ranging from smart transportation and connected cars to smart homes, electric vehicle charging and mobile payment systems.

Taoglas’s beam-steering technology – dubbed Taoglas 5G NR KSF.410 – changes the economics of next-generation wireless networks by extending coverage and increasing throughput exponentially, while requiring less equipment.

Lighting up the 5G future

“Beam steering is critical to 5G, allowing operators to extend coverage of 5G networks and achieve higher throughput without additional infrastructure investment,” said Ronan Quinlan, co-CEO and co-founder of Taoglas.

“Taoglas was early to market with beam-steering technology in our groundbreaking Taoglas Shift antenna for Sub-6GHz applications, and now we have beam steering at NR mmWave with the KSF.410.

“The availability of production-quality beam-steering chipsets from a company like Analog Devices at production prices is a testament to just how quickly the 5G market is maturing.

“Now, customers developing fixed wireless access gateways for 5G networks can integrate our Shift Sub-6GHz and the KSF.410 NR mmWave antennas quickly into their products to be first to market. Our engineering teams will work with the device manufacturer to get the product integrated, optimised and tested quickly,” Quinlan explained.

Taoglas, an Enniscorthy-based tech company, provides advanced antenna and radio frequency (RF) solutions to the world’s leading wireless and IoT companies. Formed 13 years ago, the company is led by Quinlan and co-CEO Dermot O’Shea. It employs more than 40 people in Wexford and Dublin, and more than 350 worldwide.

Taoglas delivers high-quality products across different wireless and IoT use cases using LTE, GNSS, Wi-Fi and 5G, across a variety of applications including telematics, automotive, metering, smart grid, wearables, medical devices, high-speed video broadcasting and remote monitoring.

In 2016 the company invested $2m in an IoT design centre in San Diego and in 2017 it invented a new kind of radio antenna system for the next generation of connected cars.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years