Telcos must do better – ODTR

2 Dec 2002

The quality of service performance levels of telecom operators has remained stable, according to the latest benchmarking report issued by the Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulation (ODTR) covering the period January-June 2002. However, there is room for improved performance across the industry.

The telecoms regulator, Etain Doyle, also stressed that she expects those operators not yet fully meeting their reporting obligations under the programme to submit the required data for future reports.

“This programme is designed to ensure that the consumer is provided with a comprehensive picture of operator performance. If consumers are to derive the maximum benefit from this report, it is essential that each operator provides the complete set of data required under the programme,” she said.

The ODTR issues six monthly reports that measure the quality of service performance levels of fixed line operators in Ireland. The reports enable consumers to compare how various fixed operators have performed on completing orders, clearing faults and processing complaints. The reports also contain performance data on the supply of wholesale services from Eircom to other licensed operators and the supply of Eircom public payphones.

By Brian Skelly