Tesco to sell iPhone by Christmas in UK

25 Nov 2009

Every little helps … even when it comes to the Apple iPhone. UK supermarket chain Tesco aims to have the popular smart phone in its stores in time for Christmas but with a different price plan than what is on offer from O2 and Orange UK.

Tesco will be the first general retailer and the third company to offer the iPhone for sale after the two-year long exclusivity contract between Apple and O2 UK ended recently when Orange also began selling the handset.

Tesco will sell both the 3G and 3Gs version of the smart phone and will be offering this on a bill pay and prepay option.

A spokeswoman for Tesco told the Guardian: “We really want to bring a bit of Tesco value to the iPhone. We are not just going to copy what’s already out there.”

While this offer does not currently extend to Tesco Ireland, the Irish branch of the supermarket chain does offer both handsets and standalone SIM card packages, so it could be on the way sometime next year.

By Marie Boran