The text life of the Irish female

13 May 2008

It turns out that the long-held belief that women talk more than men is true, according to 3 Ireland’s latest survey into Irish mobile habits, but only by a whisper: Irish women spend 2pc more time with their handset than their male counterpart.

With all that extra talking and texting, it has to be assumed the average Irish girl will end up with a big bill, but a tendency to opt for the pre-pay option as opposed to monthly billing shows the ladies like to have more control over their mobile spending habits.

Meanwhile, it seems the lads could end up with a bigger bill in the post due to an aversion to regular topping up.

It’s not all good news for the fast-talking women of Ireland though – while the guys are busy surfing the mobile web, watching sporting highlights and playing games on the go, the girls are 11pc less likely to use their handset for tech-savvy activities.

Music is a universal language for the sexes when it comes to the mobile phone: there is a mere 0.7pc difference in the amount of men and women downloading music to their handset.

“It’s great to see the ladies come out on top. These findings show that women communicate more often than men, whether by phone or text. Men, on the other hand, are more mobile-savvy, using 3’s content more frequently than women,” said Rachel Channing, head of PR and communications with 3 Ireland.

“As a woman who talks and texts a lot herself, it’s no surprise to me to see the ladies do all the talking!”

The study was carried out countrywide on both pre-pay and bill-pay customers of 3 Ireland and the mobile company said it will be releasing further details in weeks to come.

By Marie Boran

Pictured: Rosanna Davison with mobile phone