Transferring tunes to devices as easy as MP3

26 Jan 2007

Too lazy or stupid to set up your MP3 player? A new Dublin company has just the answer.

Sandyford-based MoveMyTunes has set up a service for people who have a digital music device but have no means or clue of how to transfer their music collection from a CD to an MP3 player.

The company offers different services depending on the need – it could be that the customer owns a PC but lacks the time or know-how required to set up the MP3 player with the PC. It’s also aimed at people who don’t have a broadband connection, which comes in handy for downloading an album’s track names or cover art from the web.

MoveMyTunes will take in the customer’s PC and MP3 player and set up everything, including transferring the customer’s music to both the computer and the device.

A variation on this is where the MP3 player has been bought as a present and the donor wants to have it pre-loaded with the recipient’s favourite songs before handing over the gift.

As part of the service, MoveMyTunes can also provide a DVD of the songs that have been transferred as a backup against anything subsequently happening to the MP3 player.

According to David Ferrie of MoveMyTunes, the idea for the service came about because he had many friends with MP3 players who had no idea how to go about transferring their music collection. “The service is not only for people who do not have the know-how, it is also for those who simply do not have the time to transfer their music collection,” he said.

The service has a starting price of €14.90 for between one and 10 CDs, with prices related to the quantity of tracks to be transferred. That’s roughly the price of buying a CD, or three times more expensive than buying a pint for a friend with a bit of cop on to do it for you.

By Gordon Smith