UPC makes 25Mb broadband speeds standard

5 May 2011

UPC will make 25Mb speed broadband its standard entry level for customers and is launching triple pay bundles for its phone, TV and broadband services from 9 May onwards.

“Building on our strategy’s success, today we are announcing further significant improvements to our product lineup securing our superiority over all other providers with even faster speeds and better value,” said Dana Strong, CEO of UPC Ireland.

Existing customers will be phased into higher speeds and contention will not be increased.

UPC is also launching new triple pay bundles, offering a package of TV, phone and broadband services.

“From May 9th, our entry bundle will be improved to offer digital TV, phone and 25Mb fibre-power broadband for just €60.”

Its Fibre Power Starter bundle, including Value DVR TV, Freetime World for phones and an upgraded 50Mb broadband speed will cost €65 a month and its Fibre Power Ultimate with Max DVR TV, Freetime World for phones and an upgraded 100Mb broadband speed will cost €85 a month.

The company invested more than €400m in its Fibre Power network and the recent network upgrade with the Docsis 3.0 software has enabled these new packages.

First quarter results

UPC’s first quarter results for 2011 showed an 11pc growth in total service subscriptions year-over-year.

“UPC Ireland had record growth in the first quarter of this year, with total subscriptions up 26,000 in the quarter,” said Strong.

“Broadband and voice growth continues to be particularly strong at 34pc and 58pc up respectively year-on-year. We are also pleased to see cable video growth for the second successive quarter.”

The group also experienced a 7pc growth in digital TV year-on-year

UPC Ireland has 811,700 service subscriptions across Ireland.