UPC steps up digital video recorder rollout

28 Jan 2008

Cable telecoms provider UPC said this morning that it is continuing in the next stage of its €10m ‘Digital for All’ programme and that digital video recorder (DVR) services are now available in all cabled cities in Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Galway.

The ‘Digital for All’ programme is aimed at allowing UPC customers to upgrade to new digital services for a minimal or zero incremental cost in order to accelerate digital TV adoption in Ireland.

UPC’s digital video recorders allow users to pause, rewind and record TV or record while watching other programmes, with up to 80 hours of recording time available to store programmes.

The company’s digital video recorders, which will cost subscribers an additional €5 per month, come with a 160GB hard drive and include a parental-control function.

UPC’s head of TV, Simon Kelehan, said that the DVRs allow viewers to build up a library of programmes on their hard disk.

“This means our customers no longer need to be dictated to by the TV schedule. The DVR uses the latest digital technology to put the viewer in total control,” Kelehan explained.

“Now our customers need never miss a vital game or an episode of Desperate Housewives. By removing the upfront fee for the DVR we are now making this great technology available to everyone,” he added.

By John Kennedy