UPC to launch 20Mbps broadband for €34 per month

15 Dec 2010

Cable player UPC has revealed it will launch a new 20Mbps broadband product that will cost €34 per month and which will be available to four out of every 10 homes in Ireland.

The new broadband products, which are being made available on UPC’s Fibre Power network, include a 100Mbps service for €80 a month, a 30Mbps service for €42 a month and a 10Mbps service for €25 per month.

“The web experience is developing rapidly, encompassing richer and more engaging content, such as video. It’s essential for the Irish consumer that we keep pace with this evolution and the opportunities it will bring,” said UPC’s sales and marketing director Mark Coan.

“We’re thrilled therefore to be able to re-define the broadband experience in Ireland with the launch of our new mass market 20Mbps Fibrepower broadband product.

“As a result of our continued investment in our fibre-powered network, our customers will be able to experience the full richness of both today and tomorrow’s web,” Coan said.

UPC broadband growth in Ireland

UPC said it had 762,700 total subscribers by end of Q3, this represents a 9.3pc increase year on year.

This included 184,700 broadband customers, up 37pc year on year.

The company said more than 55pc of UPC’s broadband customers are currently on services 10Mb or above.

The company has 87,200 phone customers, up 64pc year on year and 375,500 digital TV subscribers, up 11pc year on year.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years