USB to be 10 times faster

19 Sep 2007

The new ultra-fast USB 3.0 standard which should have a data transfer rate of 600mbps, developed by Intel, HP, Microsoft, NEC Corporation, NXP Semiconductors and Texas Instruments, is planned to launch early in 2008.

USB 3.0 will be backwards-compatible with older versions but will also be future-proofed for optical ability. It will furthermore be designed for lower power consumption and improved protocol efficiency.

Intel revealed yesterday that along with other industry leaders, it has formed the UBS 3.0 Promoter group to work together and get this technology out as quickly as possible.

The group was formed to develop this technology in the face of increasingly large file sizes moved around on a daily basis as digital media become ubiquitous.

Its predecessor, USB 2.0, has a data rate of 60mbps and was released in 2000 and announced as the new standard in 2001, with revisions made since this time, including the development of Micro-USB.

Jeff Ravencraft, technology strategist with Intel, said that the super-fast USB 3.0 standard is the “next logical step” for this form of wired connectivity.

“The digital era requires high-speed performance and reliable connectivity to move the enormous amounts of digital content now present in everyday life,” he said.

“USB 3.0 will meet this challenge while maintaining the ease-of-use experience that users have come to love and expect from any USB technology.”

By Marie Boran