Nationwide Virgin Media outage rumbles on, and here’s how to fix it (updated)

7 Dec 2016

Virgin Media store. Image: Jason Batterham/Shutterstock

Where were you during the great Virgin Media blackout of 2016? As customers across Ireland continue to find they still do not have broadband, a DIY fix has been uncovered.

In a time when always-on internet access is expected from a modern internet service provider, a period of downtime does not sit well with customers.

When it occurs on a national scale, internet service providers (ISPs) face the full wrath of social media users demanding answers as to why they can’t get online.

This was the case last night (6 December), as Virgin Media Ireland customers reported outages in almost all locations, leaving engineers scrambling to identify the source of the problem.

Just after 10pm last night, a person named Daryll tweeted from the Virgin Media Ireland Twitter account, confirming that a “break in service” had occurred and that the company was attempting to fix the problem.

By the time that another update was issued just before 11.30pm, many customers who had switched to their mobile broadband providers began taking to Twitter to complain, or make fun of, the major outage.

A midnight statement from Virgin Media Ireland said the issue had been resolved and it apologised for the downtime in service.

However, a number of customers are reporting today (7 December) that they still cannot connect to their Wi-Fi, despite Virgin Media Ireland’s claim that it is been resolved.

Thankfully, for those who need online access urgently or simply can’t go without any internet access, there is a DIY solution available for both Mac and Windows users.

The workaround involves changing your DNS (domain name system) to a Google Public DNS by following a list of instructions.

Users who have followed this method have reported that their broadband has returned, making it advisable as a short-term solution. has reached out to Virgin Media Ireland for comment relating to the reason behind the outage and when full service will resume, and we will update accordingly.

Update, 8.38am, 7 December 2016: A spokesperson for Virgin Media Ireland has reiterated that the matter was resolved at 11.30pm last night and that anyone still having issues should restart their modem. 

Virgin Media store. Image: Jason Batterham/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic