Vodafone ‘did not send’ promo viral message

23 Jan 2007

Vodafone today told siliconrepublic.com that a message circulating among customers of its Irish network since the weekend offering free text messages for life and call credit have nothing whatsoever to do with the company.

At the weekend a viral text message circulated asking recipients to text 10 friends on Vodafone’s network the news that Vodafone-to-Vodafone texts are free for life.

However, this afternoon Vodafone said that the message had nothing to do with the company.

It also said that it does not pass out any of its customers’ details to third-party service providers.

In the offending message, the sender was promised that when they sent the 10th message they would receive €5 in extra credit, before signing off as Vodafone.

The message read: “Vodafone are now keeping Vodafone to Vodafone texts free for ever. So send this to 10 of your 087 friends and achieve 5 euro top up for spreading the word. This credit will be sent to you within 2 minutes of your last sent message. Thanks from Vodafone.”

When contacted by siliconrepublic.com, the company checked into the situation and responded with the following statement: “This text message was not issued by Vodafone and does not refer to a Vodafone offer.

“Vodafone has not engaged in a viral text campaign of this nature. Vodafone does not give out any of our customers’ details to third-party service providers. If you would like to take your query further you can contact ComReg or the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.”

By John Kennedy