Vodafone enters the TV business in Ireland

20 Jan 2016

TV star Charlene McKenna launching the new Vodafone TV service

Vodafone is taking on Eir, Sky and Virgin in the digital TV business after revealing a new TV service that will be available over broadband.

The service will include a dedicated Netflix button on remote controls.

Vodafone TV comes with more than 100 TV and radio channels and with HD as standard.

It also comes with a new Vodafone TV Anywhere app that will allow users to stream their content on any device.

Users will be able to enjoy Netflix from their TV browser or via a dedicated Netflix button on their remote control.

The service is delivered via IPTV boxes with Ericsson middleware and will only work for Vodafone consumers with broadband speeds of at least 40Mbps.

The service features technological innovations such as fast channel switching, 7-day catch-up and viewers can restart a TV programme at any point.

It also comes with a wireless box to facilitate multi-room viewing in any room in the home.

Big screen vision from Vodafone

“This is a significant move for Vodafone in the Irish market, offering a full TV service to our customers for the first time. Vodafone TV customers can build their own packages to suit their household needs and enjoy unique features such as Restart TV and Netflix at the touch of a button,” said Ciaran Barrett, head of consumer fixed at Vodafone Ireland.

“We’ve listened to our customers to understand what kind of TV service they want and we believe we are delivering great content with an excellent experience that brings convenience and seamless viewing from the home into the hand.”

There are two main packages, Vodafone Basic TV and Vodafone TV Plus, which will cost €40 each for the first six months.

The Vodafone Basic TV package provides at least 55 channels with the choice of Netflix or Sports (BT Sport or Setanta) with broadband and landline included for €70 per month.

The Vodafone TV Plus package includes all channels plus Netflix, Sports and Multi-Room alongside broadband and landline calls for €80 per month. Additional packages for Sky Sports and Sky Movies will also be available.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years