Vodafone Ireland partners with top websites

27 Aug 2007

Vodafone Ireland customers will be able to avail of a unique mobile internet experience starting from tomorrow as the network has done a unique deal with some of the most powerful online brands today: Google, MySpace, YouTube and eBay.

Web surfers will be able to update their MySpace profile, check a bid on eBay, do a Google search or watch videos on YouTube from their mobile handset.

“The launch of Mobile Internet is the latest innovation from Vodafone. We have led the way in Ireland on new mobile technology and were the first to launch 3G, 3G Data Services and 3G Broadband,” said Carolan Lennon, Consumer Director, Vodafone Ireland.

Lennon said that while the mobile phone has changed the way people interact with those around them, the internet has changed the way we interact with the wider world, and that Vodafone’s new Mobile Internet makes something powerful and unique by pulling these two forms together.

With a new pricing system of 99c per-day web surfing, or a monthly plan of €9.99, any Vodafone customer with a 2.5G or 3G handset can avail of this.

The Vodafone Live! site itself is one of Ireland’s top ten most visited web portals, with 640,000 customers visiting each month.

In the decision to go with MySpace and YouTube as its social networking partners, and eBay and Google for shopping and searching, Lennon said: “We looked at the best on the web and we have signed up global partnerships with our customers’ favourite internet sites.”

“They can now make the most of their time so even when they are just sitting at a bus stop or waiting to meet a friend, Vodafone Mobile Internet keeps them connected, on-line and in touch,” he said.

By Marie Boran