Vodafone rolls out 21Mbps mobile broadband via HSPA+ investment

4 Feb 2010

Vodafone has become the first telecoms operator in Ireland to enable HSPA+, or 3.5 G technology which will result in 21Mbps mobile broadband. The rollout has started in Dublin and will extend to Cork and other urban centres in Q1.

The Evolved High Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) 3.5G technology will enable the network with a 21Mbps data download speed capability which is faster than the 7.6Mbps and 14.4Mbps services currently in the Irish marketplace.

HSPA+ is predicted to contribute to explosive growth in mobile broadband subscriptions over the next two years. The total number of mobile broadband subscribers in key European markets will rise from about 22 million at the end of 2009 to more than 43 million in 2011, according to analyst CCS Insight.

CCS Insight predicts that HSPA-based broadband will be the driving force for 100pc growth in the Top 5 major markets of Europe. The one common factor is growth, underpinned by 3G HSPA and HSPA+ mobile broadband technology. According to CCS Insight’s report, the European mobile broadband market will see subscriber and revenue numbers nearly double by 2011.

“The deployment of 3.5G or HSPA+ in Vodafone’s network confirms our position as Ireland’s leading mobile broadband provider,” said Gerry Fahy, strategy director at Vodafone.

“We are now pulling further ahead of our competitors by equipping the network with the highest available mobile broadband speeds of up to 21Mbps in Dublin and Cork as part of an ambitious upgrade plan to deliver the best service throughout the country.

“The evolution to 3.5G represents a significant coming of age for mobile broadband as users will be able to access a range of data-intensive products and services and enjoy a high-quality user experience. Vodafone also continues to lead in fixed-line services with the recent launch of a 24Mbps Vodafone at Home package,” Fahy said.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Gerry Fahy, strategy director at Vodafone

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years