Vodafone unveils ‘all you can eat’ business tariff for SMEs

14 Jul 2009105 Views

Vodafone has introduced a new ‘all you can eat’ business tariff called Wireless Office Control that allows SMEs to avoid bill shock through predictability and cost control over mobile bills.

The new tariff will afford business customers certainty of spend on their monthly outlays with a €250 fixed monthly charge, plus a €25 fee per employee.

The tariff includes unlimited calls to all mobiles in Ireland, on any network, unlimited calls to all landlines in Ireland and unlimited calls to landlines in Northern Ireland.

“SME customers are struggling month on month to control costs across the board and are looking at all cost bases to obtain savings,” said Anne O’Leary, business and enterprise director, Vodafone Ireland.

“Keeping costs low, improving efficiencies and maintaining good communications with customers and clients are critical for businesses to maintain competitiveness during these difficult economic times,” O’Leary added.

Vodafone Wireless Office Control offers unlimited calls to all mobiles on all networks in Ireland, unlimited calls to all landlines in Ireland and unlimited calls to all landlines in Northern Ireland (048 prefix) for a monthly rental fee of €250, plus €25 per user per month.

Businesses can also choose an unlimited text bundles for an additional €10 per user per month and unlimited International Voice bundles for an additional €10 per user per month. The international calls add-on includes calls to UK, Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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The typical Irish SME spends approximately 43pc of its total communications spend on mobile phone calls, with the average SME bill totalling €572.90 per month, according to a recent report by the Commission for Communications Regulation on ICT in business.

“Businesses want assurance that any spend is optimised and this new tariff provides businesses certainty of spend, meaning simpler management of cash flow and budgeting,” O’Leary said.

“As well as knowing the monthly bill, customers will benefit from the great value of unlimited calls and texts. In addition, SME’s will benefit from economies of scale, as the more employees you have on the plan, the cost per user decreases.

“The introduction of the new tariff is very timely; we recognise and understand our customer’s needs and we need to create propositions to meet those needs. In the current climate it is essential for businesses to be accessible to customers. They should therefore not cut back on mobile, but instead address the management of the cost base.

“With a fixed monthly rate, customers can now concentrate on their business, not their phone bills,” O’Leary said.

By John Kennedy

Pictured at the launch of Vodafone’s Wireless Office Control business tariff for SMEs is Anne O’Leary, business and enterprise director of Vodafone Ireland