New Vodafone Wi-Fi extender targets home broadband blackspots

15 Jul 2021

Image: Vodafone/Shutterstock

Vodafone Ireland’s new ‘Super WiFi’, service tackles connectivity blackspots in the home.

Vodafone Ireland has today (15 July) launched a new add-on to its existing Wi-Fi service as well as a 5G unlimited mobile broadband offer.

The Wi-Fi add-on, called ‘Super WiFi’, is an extension solution which will enable Vodafone customers to use their broadband from every corner of their home without connectivity issues.

Existing customers can add a Wi-Fi extender to their broadband package for an extra €5 per month. This will work with their existing Vodafone router to eliminate connection blackspots common in multi-storey and large houses.

Depending on the customer’s location and the type of broadband package they have, they can avail of free installation by a dedicated Super Wi-Fi expert. This will help identify the best location within the home to carry out the installation and ensure customers’ specific Wi-Fi needs are met.

To coincide with the launch of Super WiFi, Vodafone Ireland has also introduced its 5G-ready unlimited mobile broadband offer.

The offer builds on the company’s existing mobile broadband for 4G, and is available to customers living in places where 5G is already live, such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Galway.

Users living in places where 5G is not yet available, will still be able to connect to 4G as usual. All users need, whether they are using 4G or 5G, is a modem, a Vodafone SIM card and a power outlet. Users can connect up to 60 devices to the modem.

Customers can avail of the new mobile broadband offering for €45 per month subject to a 12-month contract. There is no installation fee.

Vodafone said it will roll out its 5G mobile broadband to more locations in the coming months.

The company has also promised customers that its operations are now 100pc powered by electricity from renewable sources. This includes the company’s mobile and fixed networks, data centres, retail operations and offices in the country.

From the beginning of this month, Vodafone is offering customers eSIMs on 25 of its devices as part of a company-wide focus on sustainability. The eSIMs are virtual SIM cards that provide the same service as their physical counterpart, but with data stored in a few lines of code on a dedicated chip in a phone rather than on a traditional SIM, cutting down on plastic.

Blathnaid O’Dea is Careers reporter at Silicon Republic