Voice revenues continue to decline in Ireland

16 Dec 2010

Telecoms revenues in the Irish market increased 1.8pc in the third quarter to reach €968m, according to the latest ComReg quarterly report. However, on an annual basis, revenues are down almost 3pc.

Total voice traffic (fixed and mobile) declined by 0.5pc this quarter and has declined over the last year by 1.7pc.

This means that users generated just over 4.44 billion voice minutes in Q3 2010.

Broadband subscriptions increase

Internet and broadband subscriptions increased to 1,610,189 and 1,548,625 respectively this quarter. Mobile broadband and cable, in particular, continued to drive total broadband growth. Mobile broadband now represents 35pc of all broadband subscriptions, second only to DSL, which accounts for 47pc of all broadband subscriptions.

The fixed broadband per capita penetration rate reached 22.6pc. The total broadband per capita penetration rate (including mobile broadband) was 34.7pc. According to CoCom, international broadband penetration comparisons (including mobile broadband Ireland’s penetration rate) is two places above the EU27 average.

Consumer appetite for broadband

Consumer adoption of higher broadband speeds continues, with 80.2pc of all broadband subscriptions now in the 2-10Mbps category compared to 69.2pc this time last year.

Total LLU lines increased to 37,778 this quarter (up 71.4pc) driven by a large increase in shared LLU lines (up to 22,913).

Wi-Fi minutes of use continued to grow to more than 36 million minutes of use (up 19.7pc this quarter) in Q3 2010.

Mobile subscriptions (including mobile broadband) increased to 5,161,992 up from 5,108,164 in the previous quarter.

It is estimated that about 69pc of TV homes in Ireland were digital in September 2010.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years