Wi-Fi firm BitBuzz hits 500,000 users

7 Oct 2011

Wi-Fi firm Bitbuzz has reached 500,000 users, up 34,000 or 13.7pc on its last milestone of 466,000 in June.

The company now achieves 10,000 peak logins per day on busy days.

According to ComReg figures, Bitbuzz now accounts for 55pc of all public Wi-Fi access in Ireland.

“We can attribute our continued growth to three factors: smartphone usage, increased visitor numbers and quality of service,” said Shane Deasy, managing director of Bitbuzz.

“The increased use of handheld smartphone and tablet devices, such as the iPhone or iPad, has meant a significant increase in demand for Wi-Fi.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years