WiBE to extend 3G broadband to rural areas

14 Oct 2010

A new wireless broadband enabler, called WiBE, is coming to extend 3G broadband to rural areas.

WiBE (Wireless Broadband Enablers) uses multi-beam antenna technology in order to extend the range and data throughput of a 3G mobile network.

WiBE is said to bring up to 7.2 Mbps speed, with an average of at least 2 Mbps in rural areas.

Users need a mobile SIM card, which slots in at the top of the device. It then should be place near a window in order to pick up a signal.

The directional, multi beam smart antennas then seek out the best signal. When WiBE finds it, hones in on it in order to improve signal strength further and to further improve speeds.

The system also keeps scanning automatically to ensure that the best 3G link is maintained.

It also provides WiFi coverage, using an IEEE802.11bgn WiFi router and includes an SPI firewall.

Developed by Deltanna, the company said that the sytems has “3-5 times a greater range” than dongles, with the ability to search up to 10 miles for a signal.

The product has gone through commercial and technology trials with customers such as mobile operators and providers of value added services.

It will be available on their site at the end of the month.

The price seems a bit steep at €339.75 including delivery, though, having seen it work, it could provide a useful solution for individuals in rural areas struggling to obtain decent broadband speeds.