YouTube goes completely mobile

4 Jul 2007

Forget the iPhone, here comes the YouTube phone. In an exclusive partnership with video sharing site YouTube, LG Electronics are developing a handset designed specifically for YouTube functionality.

The new handset, to be launched later this year, will have a specific user interface for both filming, viewing and uploading YouTube videos directly to .

Although Apple’s iPhone, and indeed other handsets, have YouTube functionality, this handset from LG will be dedicated to the YouTube experience rather than including it as a mobile add-on.

“For the first time, LG customers will be able to film, upload and view videos on YouTube using their mobile phone just as they would be able to from their home computer,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

With the premium mobile content market looking set to pass US$44bn by 2011, analysts iSuppli suggest mobile video will be a key driver, putting LG and YouTube in a prime position.

“People want to be able to capture interesting moments with their cell phones wherever they are and whenever they want,” said Steve Chen, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for YouTube.

Although LG recently announced their deal with Google to provide a Google driven handset containing Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Search, this functionality is not far from current existing handset capabilities.

The YouTube phone promises to “connect people like never before.”

So far no plans have been confirmed for marketing the YouTube handset in Ireland, but 3 Ireland told Silicon Republic that they have a strong working relationship with Google, owners of YouTube. As the only suppliers of LG handsets in Ireland, the 3 Network feel they are in a strong position if this were to come down the line in the near future.

By Marie Boran