Amazon upsets Etsy’s knitting with a new arts and crafts platform

9 Oct 20151.11k Views

Handmade from Amazon allows shoppers to buy locally within their community

E-commerce giant Amazon is setting out to take on Etsy with a new e-commerce store for artisans – Handmade.

Just like with Etsy, Handmade customers can discover artisans from around the world.

The platform also allows shoppers to buy locally within their community. Every Handmade product page contains a location icon identifying where the artisan is based, along with a link to the artisan’s profile.

All products sold on Handmade will be factory-free and must be made by hand, Amazon said.

Handmade at Amazon features a variety of product categories, including jewellery, home décor, artwork, stationery and party supplies, kitchen and dining, and furniture.

Amazon for artisans

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“We have designed a custom shopping experience for customers looking for handmade items by bringing together many of the best artisans in the world, and they’re adding thousands of items daily,” said Peter Faricy, VP for Amazon Marketplace.

“Knowing an item has a unique story behind it creates a personal experience that customers have told us makes owning handmade items special. Handmade at Amazon offers customers more than 80,000 quality handcrafted items from around the world, and over 30pc can be personalized by artisans to delight customers,” Faricy said.

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