Weekend takeaway: Food for thought

31 Mar 2017284 Views

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Image: Syda Productions/Shutterstock

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From the Twitter CEO visiting Dublin to Buzz Aldrin soon landing in Cork, we cover all the important areas in the sci-tech world this week.

 1. 10 world-changing women-led start-ups vying for a €50,000 cash prize

These 10 women-led start-ups are set to duke it out for a €50,000 prize at the Women Startup Challenge Europe final in London.

2. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: ‘Twitter is a company that will endure forever’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talks candidly about profitability, balancing the leadership of two companies, the infamous edit button debate, a paid subscription model and why trolls will never win.

 3. An Irish start-up in New York: Getting to grips with US recruitment costs

Regtech start-up Gecko Governance continues to share tales from New York, this time navigating employment infrastructure when hiring and expanding in the US.

 4. Just Eat’s Amanda Roche-Kelly: ‘We are creating the world’s largest food community’

From ordering food via your smartphone to takeaways via your Apple TV, Xbox or Amazon Echo, the future is appetising.

 5. Game giant Brenda Romero to receive BAFTA for stunning career

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Brenda Romero will gain recognition at the BAFTA gaming awards, receiving a special award for her career in game development.

 6. Buzz Aldrin to touch down in Cork this summer for space conference

Legendary astronaut and space exploration advocate Dr Buzz Aldrin will be landing in Cork this June for a conference held by the International Space University.

 7. Good science relies on the democratisation of data

Prof Alan Smeaton, director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, discusses why good data science – and good science overall – requires open sharing of information.

 8. Take a sneak peek inside Squarespace’s Dublin office

Unlike the bright and colourful surroundings of some other major tech companies, Squarespace prefers to live on the ‘dark side’.

 9. Pornhub announces default encryption to prevent ISPs tracking content

Adult entertainment site Pornhub – and sister site YouPorn – are to begin encrypting by default to prevent ISPs from tracking what content users are viewing.

 10. Irish company AnaBio is delivering in precision nutrition

AnaBio is rapidly establishing itself in the field of science-driven delivery of precision ingredients. Founder Sinéad Bleiel spoke to Claire O’Connell.

John Kennedy is an award-winning technology journalist who served as editor of Siliconrepublic.com for 17 years.