Ryanair now accepting payments through PayPal

18 Aug 2014655 Views

Lousie Phelan, PayPal vice-president of operations for Europe, the Middle-East and Africa; and Kenny Jacob, head of marketing at Ryanair

Airline Ryanair is continuing its mission to improve its image by offering passengers further means of paying for flights, now through online payment site PayPal.

The decision to partner with PayPal is part of the airline’s ‘Always Getting Better’ public relations campaign to rebrand itself as a friendlier and more customer-focused company, according to the International Business Times.

Ryanair’s most recent tech innovation has been the launch of its first app that allows users to book flights, check in for flights, and use their smartphone as a boarding pass for some flights.

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Louise Phelan, PayPal vice-president of operations for Europe, the Middle-East and Africa, said the partnership will give PayPal access to the airline’s millions of customers.

“PayPal is delighted to help Ryanair develop its customer experience by making it even easier and quicker for travellers to book and pay for their flights online. With our 152m active accounts across the world, we’re also making it easier for businesses, such as Ryanair, to expand their international sales.”

It is also understood that, according to Ryanair’s head of marketing, Kenny Jacob, the airline will also be announcing a new ‘tailored business product’ but has given little else in the way of details.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic