10 CIO insights on the big trends in enterprise for 2015

19 Dec 2014

The top 10 insights from CIOs and their equivalents on the trends that will shape the enterprise in 2015, from new kinds of storage, to BYOD, big data and pushing the needle on change.

The CIO role is in transition. CIOs are moving closer to the business decision-making because all businesses are becoming digital businesses.

In this way, a new role is emerging – that of the chief digital officer – and a two-horse race is under way between the CIO and chief marketing officer (CMO) to occupy this pivotal position.

What’s changing this? Mobile and cloud. Purely and simply, there is no part of the entire IT ecosystem that cannot be touched by mobile and abetted by apps and the cloud.

And this is having an impact on everything from front-facing apps, to supply chain management, from storage to big data, analytics and people management. As our 10 selected leaders will tell you.

CIO word cloud image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years