10Gbps corporate broadband service unveiled

23 May 2008

Up-and-coming Irish telecoms provider Complete Telecom has introduced a new 10Gbps internet service that is available to 95pc of corporate players across Ireland.

The new service, which the company says is 10,000 times faster than basic broadband packages, is available now and wasn’t delivered by waiting on government grants.

In recent weeks, Complete Telecom, headed by networking veteran Kevin Murphy, installed Ireland’s fastest internet connection – a 1Gbps (1,024Mbps) connection to Government Networks (formerly known as the Government VPN).

Complete Telecom runs a business-only, fibre telecommunications network. The company currently offers businesses broadband speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

“Complete Telecom wants to assure the business community that it doesn’t need to be concerned with all the negative publicity on broadband,” Murphy said.

“We can deliver speeds of up to 10Gbps to 95pc of corporate users in Ireland – and we aren’t waiting on government grants or tax breaks to do it. Our 10Gbps internet connection is by far the fastest available in Ireland, and one of the fastest in Europe.

“Other suppliers claim to have ‘Ireland’s fastest broadband’ with connections of around 12Mbps. This is a fraction of the speed we’re offering. We’ve already delivered connections more than 80 times faster than that, and Complete Telecom is now offering connections more than 800 times faster.”

Murphy says Irish businesses are being put at an international competitive disadvantage by poor-quality broadband.

“Complete isn’t promising to deliver in five years’ time speeds that wouldn’t suffice today. Instead, we’re investing today in networks to deliver real broadband at speeds that will be sufficient for any requirement for the next five years,” he said.

By John Kennedy