67pc global takeup of cloud computing predicted over next two years

12 Oct 2010

A 67pc global cloud adoption has been predicted over the next two years, a Dublin cloud computing conference heard today.

Speaking at the Microsoft Azure Transitioning the Cloud conference, held at the Burlington Hotel, Dublin, Ulf Avrin, senior partner at Tellus International Limited, told the conference he believes that up to 67pc of cloud takeup over the next two years is likely and such a takeup would represent a huge shift in the way people do business.

“Very soon this will be a mass market. It is very exciting, 67pc (takeup) would be quicker that any technological curve in recent years – including mobile phones.”

While these statistics are quite significant, Avrin told the conference that some key components to integrating businesses to the cloud – education and bringing in help – must be overcome first.

Key components

“There are many definitions of the cloud, many slightly different and a lot very technical. We need to take it to a higher level of simplicity. Part of the problem is we are confusing ourselves,” he said.

Later, he discussed the wider impact that cloud can have on global business and referenced the Bessemer model white paper – earmarking it as a guideline for any business, insisting that a savvy online marketing presence, such as social media marketing, is a core competence for a success, but only if the transition suits the business.

“Think before transition, don’t jump in,” he said, adding that customers need to think the move through because “everything changes with cloud computing”.

While his prediction suggests a certain global transition, Avrin believes that there are still some issues that need to be considered before taking to the cloud.

“There are still issues, like security, availability and performance that must be addressed. While awareness is being amplified, there are still some blocks. Addressing challenging issues is critical for adoptions,” he said.

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