99,000 tax payments filed online this year

16 Nov 2007

Some 37,000 people filed their tax online yesterday at the Revenue Commissioner’s www.ros.ie site to meet the deadline for self-assessment.

In total approximately 99,000 tax payments were made online this year, up 14pc on last year.

According to the Revenue Commissioners, online payment of tax for the year was over €2.2bn, up 4pc on last year’s intake of €2.1bn.

A total of 279,020 tax returns were filed by self-assessment electronic filers.

The Revenue Online Service (ROS) now processes 77pc of all income tax forms filed in the country as well as 92pc of all new vehicle registrations.

The ROS site was launched in 2000 following the 1997 Irish Information Society Commission’s statement that “self-service over the internet should be introduced by all government departments as a matter of urgency”.

By John Kennedy