Accenture to drive RSA’s digital transformation plan to 2022

6 Jan 2017

The Accenture deal with insurance giant RSA builds on a relationship that extends back 14 years. Image: baranq/Shutterstock

Consulting giant Accenture has signed a multi-year agreement with RSA Ireland to accelerate the insurance company’s digital transformation.

This announcement builds on a similar deal embarked upon 14 years ago in 2003, and extends the agreement by five years to 2022.

Under the deal, Accenture will provide app development and maintenance services, as well as vital systems integration work, underpinning RSA’s digital transformation plans in the coming years.

‘Digital transformation will position our business to meet the challenges ahead’

Applications supported include those across customer and policy management, claims processing and data analytics across RSA Ireland’s suite of products.

RSA’s insurance business in Ireland includes the brand.

“Our partnership with Accenture is a strategic enabler and key component of our drive towards simplification and digital transformation, which will position our business to meet the challenges ahead,” said Steve Kelly, CIO of RSA Ireland.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years