Accounting IT firm celebrates the Advent of Kloudcentric

9 Nov 2010

How businesses migrating to the cloud can change the financial dynamic from a capital investment to an operational cost.

As one of Ireland’s most successful accounting, business software and IT solutions companies, Advent has a large presence in the retail sector. The company is also one of the largest Sage resellers in Ireland.

Advent is about to implement Servecentric’s new cloud platform, Kloudcentric, so it can offer its services to clients in a managed cloud environment.

“The Kloudcentric approach to doing business provides as many benefits for Advent’s end customers as much as for Advent itself and that is the beauty of it,” said Helga Muir, sales and marketing manager, Servecentric.

“By delivering client IT environments into Servecentric’s cloud, Advent can design and build its client IT infrastructure in a hosted and managed environment. This allows it to manage and maintain its end client environments without the need to physically visit them.”

According to Muir, Kloudcentric will provide a more streamlined, sturdy and dependable service that minimises risks to Advent’s clients, allowing even SMEs to compete with larger businesses at a fraction of the cost.

Ray Ryan, managing director, Advent, said: “As our clients’ IT is now held in a data centre like Servecentric, their IT environments are more robust and more available and have less risk of failing as they are covered by 24/7 support. We are also able to more efficiently manage our end clients’ IT set-up.

“The end customer will benefit from it commercially because Advent can be more efficient and deliver a better quality of service through Kloudcentric. On Kloudcentric we will have greater ability to scale-up or down capacity as required and the end customer only pays for what is needed.”

Advent believes the increasing number of businesses migrating to the cloud signifies a fundamental change in the way they will access IT services in future, representing a departure from capital outlays to manageable low monthly costs.

“Rather than paying €10,000 to €15,000 for an integrated network environment, the client is paying a small, recurring monthly cost. It’s great for start-ups that don’t have capital budgets to avail of high-tech infrastructure,” added Ryan.

Kloudcentric is best suited to value added resellers (VARs) and, according to Muir, the greatest benefit to VARs is the ability to manage all their customers via one single web page.

“They can then have the ability to design, cost, build, monitor, manage and upsell to their individual customers. That visual representation can be labelled to look like the VAR’s own service.”

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