Acquisition helps Novosco grow the cloud

31 Jul 2009

All-island enterprise IT infrastructure player Novosco’s acquisition of Dooloop has enabled it to unveil a new clodu computing network solution that enables businesses to set up a network of office locations for 50pc of the cost of leased lines.

The Novosco CloudStream service has been added to the Novosco portfolio as a result of the acquisition of Dooloop Ltd, a former innovative IT & Communications provider.

“As a result of acquiring Dooloop and merging the two companies and technologies together, Novosco is delighted to launch the new CloudStream range of services”, said Patrick McAliskey, Managing Director, Novosco.

“CloudStream Net is a revolutionary communication’s technology and is the most cost-effective, yet feature rich network service available on the market today. CloudStream Net offers customers major cost savings and enables organisations of all sizes to benefit from a Cloud infrastructure.”  

CloudStream Net is unique in that the service typically lowers ongoing IT expenditure costs by as much as 50pc when compared to the cost of a traditional leased line service.

“It allows multiple lines to be aggregated together, providing much improved upload and download bandwidth speed. This is beneficial for customers using ‘real time’ applications such as video conferencing, CCTV or VoIP or for customers that require more bandwidth for cloud services like online backup.”

The Novosco CloudStream Net service utilises multiple Telco/transit providers. This has the unique advantage of offering customers multiple layers of network resilience – a benefit not normally within reach for small to medium sized organisations.

Using multiple service partners and dual lines, CloudStream can seamlessly re-route traffic to a failover line/connection should network interruptions occur.

CloudStream service has successfully been implemented at customer sites including McAvoy Group, Tobermore Concrete and Redhead International where CloudStream Net is connecting multiple office locations including to/from Dublin and Paris.

CloudStream has also been recently implemented at SDC Trailers, with offices locations

Last week Novosco revealed that the Burlington Hotel, one of Dublin’s best known landmark hotels, has chosen Novosco to host their back office and email applications for the next three years.

The project was delivered within one month and provides the Burlington with an extremely high level of application uptime without the requirement for upfront investment. The solution means that the Burlington’s key applications are now being delivered securely and in a well performing manner via the internet.

“This approach made a lot more sense than installing applications locally and having to worry about keeping them safe from harm”, explained John Timmins, financial controller at The Burlington.” As we don’t have any full time IT staff, a service like this was very attractive to us.”

By John Kennedy

Pictured: John Timmins, Financial Controller, The Burlington Hotel Dublin & Eddie O’Rourke, Novosco Sales Director

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years