Adoption of unified comms is accelerating amongst CIOs

10 Nov 2014

Pictured: Cisco CTO Padmascree Warrior with BT Ireland CEO Colm O'Neill last week

The consumerisation of IT is a leading factor in the rollout of unified communications by CIOs in medium to large-sized companies, BT says.

A spokesperson for BT said that Ireland previously lagged two years behind the US and UK in terms of unified comms deployments but now the country is accelerating quickly.

Companies in the finance and technology sectors in particular are driving UC rollout.

“We are working with some very large global organisations on their UCC strategy, and medium organisations in the private and public sector. North and South,” the spokesperson said.

“In some of those larger global organisations the drive is from HQ in the US. But the Irish-based CIOs are also driving the UCC agenda, largely down to consumerisation.”

News of the increased adoption of UC comes just days after US telecoms equipment giant Cisco’s CTO Padmascree Warrior awarded BT in Ireland with Gold Partner of the Year 2014. 

BT and Cisco research last year showed that 70pc of CIOs are considering a unified comms rollout, but only 34pc had any concreate plans.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years