AIBMS launches loyalty scheme for small to medium retailers

31 Aug 2010

AIB Merchant Services (AIBMS) launched AIBMS loyaltyplus, a customisable loyalty programme to help small to medium-sized businesses attract and retain customers.

The solution uses ZapaTAG from ZapaTechnology, a contactless tag that allows multiple loyalty cards to operate on a single tag to drive a points-based system, which is integrated with AIBMS point of sales terminals.

AIBMS loyaltyplus also allows retailers to plan SMS campaigns directly to their most valued customers.

“We developed this programme specifically with small to medium-sized retail outlets and service providers in mind, to allow them to operate a loyalty programme on a par with larger retail chains,” said Chris Mason, managing director of AIBMS.

“The AIBMS loyaltyplus solution also assists retailers by providing information and analysis of their own customer base and enables them to address specific consumer profiles with integrated communication tools.

“We are proud to announce that we are now ready to roll out the programme across Ireland and the UK,” Mason said.

AIBMS has piloted the services with a few small to medium retailers, such as a florist, a restaurant and Muttugl, a dog grooming service.

“We looked at developing our own loyalty scheme recently but when we were approached with the AIBMS loyaltyplus solution we felt that this was the way to go,” said Sinead Deegan of Muttugly.

“We have always had a good relationship with our customers but now with AIBMS loyaltyplus we can get to know them better and reward them for their loyalty to us.

“Keeping customers and growing our customer base is paramount to our survival in these tough times and this easy-to-use loyalty scheme is of real benefit to us for our future business growth,” she said.