AirSpeed Telecom in €200,000 cloud managed services tech deal

5 Dec 2012

AirSpeed Telecom has forged a €200,000 deal with Fortinet in a move that will enable the wireless telco to offer sophisticated, high-end cloud services to public-sector bodies, large enterprises and SMEs across Ireland.

The deal will provide AirSpeed with the ability to provide IT managers and CIOs with services that will allow them to manage what cloud apps are being used in their organisation, defend against potential cyber attack risks and add an additional layer of security.

“AirSpeed Telecom’s new suite of managed services provides advanced application control, security and enablement policies to meet business needs,” AirSpeed’s CEO Liam Kelly explained.

“Because AirSpeed’s products can identify the applications in the network, that knowledge can be translated into value for business based on appropriate policies that enable best use of network investment but yet in a protected environment.”

Cloud control

AirSpeed Application Aware provides a new level of visibility of applications that are running over the company’s network in real time. AirSpeed Clean IP is a new firewall service managed from within AirSpeed Telecom’s network that ‘cleans’ traffic as it passes through to the customer’s network.

And AirSpeed Cloud Protect is a high-performance next-generation ‘cloud’ firewall that brings knowledge, control and a new level of security and application management to a company. The service allows IT to manage the explosion in web applications, like social media, through secure positive firewall policies.

“Many telco operators and service providers have chosen Fortinet’s security platform as the cornerstone of their managed security services and we are pleased to now count AirSpeed Telecom among them,” Shane Grenan, country manager of Fortinet, explained.

“Our FortiGate appliances deliver integrated protection, control and management of the network, all via one platform,” Grenan added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years