AirSpeed Telecom invests €1.6m in cloud network

16 May 2011

Wireless licensed telecoms operator AirSpeed Telecom is investing €1.6m in the development of a cloud-ready network for Irish businesses.

The network is being provided over a high performance, highly reliable infrastructure powered by Juniper Networks, delivering significant benefits over multivendor legacy networks.

The network will enable customers with additional security options and scalable bandwidth from 1Mbps to 200Mbps to meet emerging needs.

Some €400,000 has been spent on developing the network over the past 12 months and a further €1.2m is earmarked to support its extended rollout going forward.

AirSpeed Telecom has created two new products – AirSpeed Cloud Connect and AirSpeed Resilient Circuit – which have been designed specifically for companies looking to move services to the cloud, including HD voice, video and time critical applications.

Taking Irish companies to the cloud

Liam O’Kelly, CEO of AirSpeed Telecom, says most companies want to be in the cloud, but are confused about the best route to take.

“Consideration needs to be given to how companies connect to the cloud,” O’Kelly explained.

“Key concerns include connection, speed, how well their system performs, how reliable it is, back-up and security. At AirSpeed Telecom we have built a really high performance network that gives us excellent control, fast diagnostics, faster delivery of new services enabling us to give business the guarantees it needs when moving to the cloud.

“We are also located in all the main data centres and have excellent reach nationally so all facilities in the customer’s business can get connected,” O’Kelly added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years