Amazon drops its cloud prices following Google’s move

27 Mar 2014

Amazon has cut the costs of some of its cloud services in what could be a reaction to internet giant Google’s decision yesterday to slash the cost of its own cloud services.

As reported yesterday, Google will be reducing the cost of cloud storage by 68pc to just €0.18 per gigabyte, beginning in April.

Now, Amazon has revealed that from 1 April, it will reduce prices for its EC2, S3, Relational Database Service and Elastic MapReduce.

In terms of its S3 cloud storage service, the biggest cost saving will be with organisations in the 1TB threshold, as this price is being reduced by 63pc to US$0.03 per/GB.

For companies using 5,000TB or more, this price will be reduced by 36pc to US$0.0275 per/GB.

Amazon will cut prices for its Elastic MapReduce service by 27pc to 61pc, which, according to the company, will let users run a large Hadoop cluster using the hs1.8xlarge instance for less than US$1,000 per terabyte per year.

Speaking about the price reductions, a member of Amazon’s web services team said, “We’ve often talked about the benefits that AWS’ scale and focus creates for our customers. Our ability to lower prices again now is an example of this principle at work.”

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic