Anonymous leaks 90,000 military login details

12 Jul 2011

Anonymous has infiltrated a US military contractor’s server, taking 90,000 military email addresses and passwords and posting them online.

Consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton was compromised in the attack. Some 90,000 logins of military personnel from SOCOM, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, Homeland Security, private sector contractors, State Department staff and US CENTCOM were leaked.

The data was posted on The Pirate Bay, along with a statement from those responsible, who claim Booz Allen Hamilton’s servers “basically had no security measures in place.”

“We were able to run our own application, which turned out to be a shell and began plundering some booty,” read the statement.

Al Jazeera reports that prior to this attack, Anonymous also breached IT contractor IRC Federal, that works for the FBI and NASA.

The breach was part of the Antisec movement, said to be comprised of elements of Anonymous and LulzSec. Yesterday’s attacks were a part of a “Military Meltdown Monday” campaign.

According to The Guardian, the collective has also threatened to attack UK police’s computer systems to protest News International’s recent phone hacking scandal and the potential extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

AnonymouSabu, who is said to be involved with Anonymous, claimed Tuesday would see “two of the biggest releases for Anonymous in the last four years.” The Guardian reports that Anonymous’ IRC channels showed it was eager to attack UK organisations for these causes.