As Gadaffi disappears, hackers take the fight online

22 Aug 2011

As fighting continues around the compound of Colonel Gadaffi, it has emerged that hackers have also brought the fight to the internet and have defaced the website of the country’s domain name registry

Latest reports from the capital of Libya suggest rebels are hunting through the streets of Tripoli for Gadaffi.

In the cyber attack agroup of hackers calling themselves “Electr0n” have defaced the main registry responsible for administering Libya’s .ly domain.

They put the following message on the page:

[+] HACKED By Electr0n[+]
|~| ali monder |~|

bye bye Qadaffi
Feb 17 Libya

Greetz to
Dr.exe | Qnix | Rock-Master | LoverBoy | r1z
And All Muslim Hackers 🙂

“The date February 17th relates to when Libyan protesters began their demonstrations only to be shot upon by security forces loyal to Colonel Gadaffi,” explained Sophos security expert Graham Cluley in his Naked Security blog.

“Perhaps the most famous site to use the .ly country code as as their top level domain is the url shortening service. Companies which have .ly country codes in their domain name do not appear to been impacted by the hack, which seems to just be a defacement of the main page,” Cluley said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years