AVG moves into social media security with PrivacyChoice acquisition

23 May 2013

Not content with just securing your computers and mobile devices, security software player AVG has branched into protecting users on social networks with the acquisition of PrivacyChoice for an undisclosed sum.

PrivacyChoice’s flagship product is a consumer web app called Privacyfix that addresses web users’ privacy concerns.

The award-winning browser plugin allows users to manage their privacy settings across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and thousands of other websites.

A single personalised dashboard lets users see what companies are tracking them online, which websites may share personal information and which have experienced data breaches in the past.

Privacyfix is available in the US for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, with Microsoft Internet Explorer and other international markets to follow. It will also be made available this year for iOS and Android, extending privacy protection across smartphones and tablets.

“Our two companies share a vision of empowering consumers to manage their personal information and preferences as they live out their lives online,” said John Giamatteo, COO of AVG Technologies.

“This is a key part of our commitment to delivering privacy, protection and performance software solutions across multiple platforms and devices.

“We believe in allowing consumers to take control of their online privacy and this acquisition is a perfect demonstration of the active steps we are taking to support this vision,” Giamatteo said.

It’s complicated image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years