Awareness of data theft puts pressure on IT workers

21 May 2008

Increased awareness of data protection due to high-profile breaches publicised in the media recently has put more pressure on IT professionals, ISSA Ireland, the Irish Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association, has said.

“The danger of data theft is now clear as a result of high-profile laptop thefts at some of Ireland’s leading organisations and largest government bodies. Although this new awareness is very welcome, it has placed great pressure on IT and information security staff to put new protections in place, for example by ensuring data on laptops is encrypted,” said Owen O’Connor of ISSA Ireland.

Responding to this pressure, ISSA Ireland has decided to present a free seminar on Monday 26 May at 7pm in the Millennium Theatre, Limerick Institute of Technology.

“With this free seminar, we are hoping to relieve some of their burden by sharing the expertise of our members who have many years experience protecting against security breaches,” said O’Connor.

The event, the first to be run by ISSA Ireland outside of Dublin, will provide advice on IT security issues.

“Although ISSA has held regular security events for over five years, to date these have all been in Dublin. We have been interested in regional events for some time and are pleased to have the chance to come to Limerick this month. We know from our members that there is a great deal of interest in information security in Limerick and the wider area so we hope this will be the first of many local events.”

By Niall Byrne