B2B mobile sync and backup service unveiled for SMEs

28 Apr 2009

Business executives across the nation will now have the ability to wirelessly sync data from their mobile’s SIM out onto the internet cloud for secure backup and recovery.

Channel-exclusive B2B utility online backup service provider Central Databank (CDB) and mobile cloud sync and push email provider Funambol have forged a partnership that will bring the ability to wirelessly sync SIM data between billions of mobile phones, the internet cloud and desktop apps.

“There is nothing to compare with the Funambol service in Ireland today. This is truly a unique service,” said Dermot Mooney, managing director of CDB.

“Mobile phone users can wirelessly sync their data, from SIM card and from the phone itself, onto an online service.

“Once registered, it only takes seconds to sync the phone, and it is done without any cables. No one keeps phone cables anymore, and most people save their data on a mixture of SIM and phone. These are the first two operational problems associated with mobile data capture solved in one fell swoop.”

“We are applying the same rules to this service as we apply to our online offsite backup service” Mooney said.

“Funambol from CDB is hardware and operator agnostic. Set it up on your old phone, back up your data and then set it up on the new phone and restore onto a new phone, all without having to go near a PC.”

CBD offers its service lines exclusively through the reseller channel and specialist trade verticals of more than 45 IT companies across Ireland and overseas. In this role, companies have sought a solution for their mobile phone data, and CDB researched all product offerings until it came across Funambol.

“This over-the-air (OTA) service from Funambol is of the highest quality and matches our professional online backup service,” Mooney explained.

“We expect to have more than 50,000 handsets backed up for business clients by the end of 2009 in Ireland during this phase.”

Other equally compelling reasons for reluctance to back up mobile data online have traditionally been cost, security and reliability. The partnership between CDB and Funambol can now offer an affordable, secure service that is reliable, the company said.

“We are offering a business-to-business service though our growing reseller network,” Mooney explained.

“This service is aimed at professionals and is offered with full Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and also with a properly developed infrastructure to provide online backup. It is a robust and cost-effective solution to the perennial thorny issue of mobile phone data backup.”

Once users have registered with the CDB service, their data is protected and secure, regardless of what happens to the user’s phone or SIM card. The service costs 10 cent per day per user.

If users lose or damage the mobile component, they can still access the same saved data using a newly purchased phone, or they can log into the web portal and view and or modify their phone data. Mooney described it as a foolproof method for users to secure their mobile data.

CDB said it has already signed agreements with a number of mobile reseller partners across Ireland, including Allstat Corporate Solutions, Commercial Wireless and Fones Direct.

By John Kennedy