Big Five law firm hits the ‘recovery’ switch

10 Jun 2009

One of Ireland’s Big Five law firms has invested in CA’s recovery management software that will manage over 45,000 legitimate emails per week across a workforce of 400 people.

As well as checking for viruses and other problems, the CA solution monitors William Fry’s email server in real-time, then validates and replicates data to a secure, offsite location.

If a disruption occurs, the system provides a near instantaneous fix, with no impact whatsoever on the firm or its clients.

As William Fry’s commercial transactions are largely negotiated by email, this demands maximum server uptime, with all company data available at all times for instant retrieval.

“Email is now firmly established as the primary means of communication between William Fry and our clients,” explained William Fry’s IT manager, Michael Devitt.

“With continual access to sensitive data so critical to our business, we needed the most advanced recovery management system available. Even an hour’s downtime could have very serious implications.

“This solution significantly improves business continuity across our local and international business, while helping us to meet all our compliance requirements,” Devitt said.

Following implementation of Microsoft Exchange 2007, William Fry awarded CA and Deft with a contract to replicate and monitor the firm’s entire email server infrastructure. Deft installed CA XOsoft to manage all data and email communications.

“William Fry’s success is built on a tradition of excellent customer service and being very responsive to all clients,” said Fergal Hennigan, partner manager at CA. “By investing in CA XOsoft, the firm has enhanced data protection for clients, thereby helping to reinforce William Fry’s reputation.”

CA XOsoft provides essential due diligence for William Fry by protecting and managing all electronic correspondence and information between the firm’s solicitors and their clients.

“CA XOsoft is a perfect fit for organisations that have implemented Microsoft Exchange or plan to do so,” Deft managing director Ian Keane explained.

“We work with a large number of professional services firms in Ireland – and CA high-availability solutions are central to most of their business continuity strategies.”

By John Kennedy