CA Technologies expands support for Amazon Web Services

26 Aug 2010

CA Technologies has broadened its services for Amazon Web Services, extending it to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

Many of CA Technologies services can now be plugged into Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, such as CA Virtual, CA Service Automation, CA Service Assurance and the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution.

These solutions will allow businesses to automate the deployment of applications and resources within the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, monitor the performance of these services and help ensure that resources are optimally aligned with business requirements.

“IDC expects most enterprises will adopt some type of cloud strategy in the near term,” said Mary Johnston Turner, IDC research director of Enterprise System Management Software.

“Their move to the cloud will be made easier by taking an integrated, coordinated approach that involves managing existing resources with cloud resources via workload automation, and application performance monitoring and reporting.”

David Hansen, general manager of Management Products and Solutions in CA Technologies, said that they were committed to helping customers benefit as they move parts of their infrastructure to cloud.

“Our expanded support for Amazon Web Services gives our customers the tools they need to seamlessly manage and optimise their dynamic IT supply chain of external and internal resources and attain greater business agility,” said Hansen.

With Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, CA Technologies customers can now extend their data centre into the cloud using a secure encrypted IPsec Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

Users can create an isolated network, specify their IP address range and launch Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances into that network.

CA Technologies supports both of these Amazon services, which allows users to use just one set of tools to manage their IT resources across on premise resources and Amazon Web Services.

“Amazon VPC enables enterprises to connect their existing technology infrastructure to a set of secure on-demand, highly elastic and highly reliable cloud compute resources, as if they were a part of their own data centre,” said Terry Wise, director of Business Development in Amazon Web Services.

“We are pleased that CA Technologies customers can fully leverage CA management and automation solutions in conjunction with their use of AWS.”